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Cleaning and maintain precaution microwave oven

The microwave oven (also commonly known as microwave) is an electric oven, which heats and cooks the food by exposing electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range [1]. It rotates polar molecules in the food and is known as the dielectric heat. Microwave ovens warm up food items quickly and efficiently because the stimulus is very similar in the outer 2538 mm (1-1.5 inch) of an identical, high water content food; Generally, the food is more uniformly hot than other cooking techniques.

If there is a microwave oven in your house then you should take some precautions while using it. Do not use the Home foot button closed. When cleaning the pins, when the food is hot, do not use the steel utensil or your oven’s magnetron is bad Could if better service your microwave to call Climate Cool in Indore best service provider of all leading brands & company such as

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